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Sodalite & Celtic Triskele Necklace | Naturally Dyed Hemp Cord


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    ༻ Red Jasper & Celtic Triskele Necklace ༺

    Tribal Soul | Sustainable | Earth-kind Fashion

    ༓ Ethically sourced crystals
    ༓ Wrapped with naturally dyed hemp cord by Hemptique
    ༓ Handmade in UK
    ༓ Adjustable strap - can be worn as choker or necklace

    ༻ Benefits of Red Jasper?

    ༓ Strengthens and detoxifies the liver and the blood.
    ༓ Calms the mind and brings tranquility to turbulent emotions.
    ༓ Stimulates the circulatory system and restores balance to the physical body.
    ༓ Increases emotional stamina, self confidence, self-trust, courage, and balance.
    ༓ Brings good luck, fortune, and prosperity.

    ༻ Benefits of Sodalite?

    ༓ Deepening self-awareness and insight into one’s own path
    ༓ Enhancing intuition, mental powers, and psychic ability
    ༓ Increasing focus, self-discipline, and orderliness in mental activities
    ༓ Promoting emotional balance, calmness, and self-confidence
    ༓ Stimulating logical thinking and problem-solving skills

    ༻ What is a Triskele?

    The Triskele has been associated with spiritual and mystical themes, representing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit or the journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.


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    Peace, love & blessings,

    Tribal Soul