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Shamanic Wolf Torque with Quartz Crystal Pendant | Recycled Materials & Naturally Dyed Hemp


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    ༻ Shamanic Wolf Torque with Quartz Crystal Pendant ༺

    Tribal Soul | Sustainable | Earth-kind Fashion

    ༓ Torque and wolves made from high quality brass
    ༓ Wrapped with recycled materials & naturally dyed hemp cord by Hemptique
    ༓ Handmade from upcycled jewellery
    ༓ The Clear Quartz crystal pendant can be clipped on or off - can interchange pendant to your preference
    ༓ Inner diameter = 13.5cm

    ༻ What are Torques?

    Spelled as torc, torq, or torque it is a symbol of ancient power and mystery. They date back to the Bronze and Iron Ages, making them among the oldest types of jewellery. They symbolized status and power and were worn by nobles, warriors, and tribal leaders as signs of rank and bravery. In Celtic culture, torcs had spiritual meanings and connections to gods and goddesses. It was believed to offer protection and strength, especially in battle. In Norse culture they also valued torcs as symbols of strength and courage, associated with Viking warriors.

    ༻ Wolf symbolism?

    In shamanism, the wolf is seen as a guide and teacher, leading individuals through the spiritual realms. The howling of wolves is believed to be a way for the spirits to communicate with humans and offer guidance on their spiritual journeys. The act of howling is seen as a form of spiritual expression and connection.

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    Peace, love & blessings,

    Tribal Soul