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Classic Tribal Torque



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    ༻ The Classic Tribal Torque༺

    Tribal Soul | Sustainable | Earth-kind Fashion

    ༓ Made from 100% high quality brass
    ༓ Lead and nickel free
    ༓ Made my small business in India
    ༓ Smooth finish
    ༓ Inner diameter = 13.5cm

    ༻ What are Torques?

    Spelled as torc, torq, or torque it is a symbol of ancient power and mystery. They date back to the Bronze and Iron Ages, making them among the oldest types of jewellery. They symbolized status and power and were worn by nobles, warriors, and tribal leaders as signs of rank and bravery. In Celtic culture, torcs had spiritual meanings and connections to gods and goddesses. It was believed to offer protection and strength, especially in battle. In Norse culture they also valued torcs as symbols of strength and courage, associated with Viking warriors.


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    Peace, love & blessings,

    Tribal Soul
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    Great contact and service, lovely product

    So so soooo pretty! Can’t wait to wear this out

    Great delivery. The quality of the brass bangles wasn’t quite what i was expecting, but still good.