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Hemp Bum Bag - Fanny Pack



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    Product Dimensions:

    Largest waist size is 41 inches / 104cm
    Smallest waist size is 23 inches / 58cm
    Back pocket is 6 inches / 16cm wide and 5.5 inches / 14cm deep
    Main pocket is 8 inches / 20cm wide and 5.5 inches / 14cm deep
    Front pocket is 6 inches / 15cm wide and 3.5 inches / 9cm deep
    Mini front pocket is 5 inches / 12 cm wide and 4inches / 10cm deep

    ✧・゚:* 10 Benefits of Hemp ✧・゚:*

    1. Hemp Breathes in Co2
    2. Hemp Regenerates the Soil
    3. Hemp Supports Sustainable Farming
    4. Help Against Pesticides
    5. Hemp Prevents Soil Erosion
    6. Hemp Needs Little Water
    7. Nothing goes to waste with Hemp
    8. Hemp Absorbs toxic Metals
    9. Hemp Provides a Habitat for Wildlife
    10. Hemp can help in the fight against deforestation


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    All good, thank you muchly.

    Brilliant service…. PayPal froze which resulted in me making a duplicate order in error. The seller responded straight away and refunded one of the payments. The bag came quickly and I love it. It will be great for my holidays !

    Great customer service and great products