Septum Rings

Abalone Shell Septum Ring | Brass & Sterling Silver | Daith | Helix | 1mm / 18 gauge



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    ༻ Abalone Inlay Septum Ring ༺

    Tribal Soul | Sustainable | Earth-kind Fashion

    ༓ Made from 925 Sterling Silver or Brass
    ༓ 1 mm / 18 gauge
    ༓ Can also be worn as a Daith or Helix ring
    ༓ Made my small business in Thailand


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    Peace, love & blessings to you,

    Tribal Soul
  • Reviews

    there was no label for the gauge of the ring, so it is thicker at the entrance side but beautiful piece

    the metal is good quality in the sense that i wouldn't be worried about it breaking from being bent over time (which i've had septum rings like this do to me) but definitely not meant for the nose. was tricky to put in, mainly due to the fact the end the ring that slips through the piercing is larger in diameter (and square/rectangular) than the main part of the ring itself, making it an absolute hassle to get into a properly pierced nose (my piercing sits pretty high in my nose bc of my anatomy). i really loved the look of this septum but was in enough pain trying to take it out (from irritation it caused) to make me dizzy and nauseous, and was left with a burn-like rash on the underside of my nose where it rests.

    it’s a very nice idea and a nice design and the seller seems very lovely from other reviews but i have to say, i had the hardest time of my life putting it on, twisting the septum to put it in was so hard, the jewellery felt like it’ll break.. i wouldn’t really recommend it but if u r up for the fuss go for it as it is very pretty

    Amazing septum! I love how beautiful and well made is. A+

    You need to be gentle with the shell but the brass is durable. Bend the brass back away from the shell not towards it or it might crack. Love this piece!